-Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are they made from?

We start by selecting prime grade lumber with minimal knots, twang or bow. Imperfections are filled and the board surface is sanded smooth prior to the application of the durable polymer coating. Tuff Bunk products are handmade made using natural wood and so there may be slight variations in the look and finish.

  • Are Tuff Bunks waterproof?

Yes. We maintain the waterproof integrity of Tuff Bunk by recommending sealant on each lag bolt penetration when installing. Standard carpet wrapped boards hold water over the entire surface of the board, thereby promoting wood rot. The carpet hides the damage, and it isn't noticed until the complete failure of the board.

  • Will my vessel slip off Tuff Bunks?

Tuff Bunks offer more grip for your vessel than carpeted bunks. We recommend that the Tuff Bunks are submerged / wet during loading. Once the hull settles on the Tuff Bunk surface, the water is displaced and prevents slipping. Proper securing of your vessel is still necessary.

  • What sizes do you have?

We have both 2x4 (1.5”x 3.75”) and 2x6 (1.5” x 5.25”) up to 144”. All single boards 108”-144” long must ship via a freight carrier. For lengths over 107” inches we offer a mending plate to allow for shipping using less costly UPS ground service. Custom boards are available email us for a quote at info@protechmats.com. Please see our video on the mending plate option https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QsC_lk360Q

  • Will these boards scratch or mark-up my boat?

The Tuff Bunk boards will not scratch or permanently mark the boat. Tuff Bunk polymer coating is non-marking and softer than the factory finish gel-coat or urethane clear coats. Before installation you should evaluate the condition of the boats finish, to make sure the hull finish has not already been compromised. Carpeted wood boards can collect dirt / silt from the water and after a period, can become abrasive to the hull finish. Keep your Tuff Bunks clean and you can be confident you won’t get the abrasive action of the silt or dirt deposits found on carpeted bunks.

  • What colors do they come in?

Tuff Bunks are available in Black. Logo and Reflective stickers are Red.

  • Do you have a dealer near me that I can purchase from?

Currently Tuff Bunk boards ship directly from our California production facility. Please contact us for dealer / distributor opportunities

  • How are Tuff Bunk boards Mounted? Do I use the same hardware from my old boards?

The first method is using a coarse-threaded lag bolt and screwing in from the bottom. 3/8” dia. X 1-1/4” long bolt is recommended. IMPORTANT – make sure to drill a small pilot hole before installing the screw. This will prevent the board from splitting. The use of sealant on each bolt is also recommended. Stainless steel hardware is available from Tuff Bunk.

  • Do I have to order on-line?

Using our website to place your order is the easiest, quickest, and safest way to order. Custom sizes or special requests can be emailed at info@protechmats.com.

  • How do I get answers to my other questions?

The best way to contact us is via e-mail at info@protechmats.com. Just fill out the contact form and we will respond promptly. If you prefer the phone, call us at 800-317-8516. We are available by phone M-F, 8:30 am -4 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)

  • Do you sell the hardware I need?

Yes, please purchase directly from our store. We sell by the kit, please be sure to order the correct quantity.

  • Is the pricing for a set of two boards?

Yes, all board pricing is for a set of two boards. If you need something special, please e-mail us at info@protechmats.com with your total requirements, along with a ship-to zip code, and we will quote you delivered pricing, if available.

  • Can you ship outside the country?

The pricing on our website is only valid for the continental U.S. shipping only.

  • Do you have the boards with rounded edge?

Tuff Bunk trailer boards are now engineered with a new and improved 25 degree chamfered edge. All edges are sanded smooth so there are no sharp corners making Tuff Bunk trailer boards compatible with curved parabolic hull designs.

  • Do you sell bumper boards for trailers?

YES! Tuff Bunk bumpers are a prime grade, kiln dried wood base, mated with ¾” foam rubber and encapsulated with our high strength Polymer. The bumpers are 2” in thickness (3/4” foam plus 1.25 inch wood). These are a great upgrade from the standard carpeted boat trailer bumpers and guides.

  • What kind of sealant do you recommend for installation?

The Permatex Right Stuff 90 Minute sealant is what we recommend. Permatex instructions direct users to allow 90 minutes to cure before submerging your boat trailer.

  • What is the warranty for Tuff Bunk trailer board?

Tuff Bunks are covered by a 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Life expectancy is 10 to 20 years depending on usage.