Tuff Bunk Disclaimer

Tuff Bunk Trailer Boards

Attention Tuff Bunk Customers!

We thank you for choosing Tuff Bunk, we wish you great success with this product.

It is a known fact that carpeted bunks will scratch your boat hull because they hold abrasive materials like sand and other debris.

If you are a Tuff Bunk user, we have no way of knowing whether your boat has preexisting scratches in the hull. Even though Tuff Bunk is a clean product that will not pick up abrasive debris, we do not recommend driving your boat up on the trailer because this could cause scratches especially if your boat trailer is not deep enough in the water column.  

If you drive the boat up on the trailer like many of us do, you may expect to see some scratches. One thing we know for sure, you must back your boat trailer in a little deeper when using Tuff Bunks because they are not slick like wet carpet.

One more important step in putting your boat back on the trailer. Back your trailer deep enough in the water to get the entire board wet and then pull up to your desired depth. Water is the lubricant needed to reduce friction that can cause scratches.  

We are NOT Responsible for incorrect install. We have a step-by-step video that explains the installment. If you do not have the proper tools or experience needed for installation, we recommend a professional installer.

We have yet had any issues with our reflective stickers. However, if a sticker falls off, we offer a sticker replacement, NOT a new set of boards.